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Scientology — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Scientology – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – We may get threats from the leaders of Scientology for this episode - Tom Cruise, are you listening? -...

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Teaching – The Reality

Your kids' teachers - they teach by day and clerk by night. They get bigger wage increases for coaching than for earning a master's degree. Join Sarah and Diana...

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Sign Language Interpreting – Yes It’s a Career!!

You’ve probably seen sign language interpreting videos that have gone viral for the right reasons – The interpreter has skills! And for the wrong reasons – The interpreter is...

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The Furry Fandom, Part 2 *Explicit – Mature Audiences*

Diana, Sarah and Shep continue their Furry discussion and start with the sexual side of the Furry Fandom, answering the age-old question “What does the Fox say?” Shep shares...

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The Furry Fandom, Part 1

Join Diana and Sarah for an interview with Shep, a Furry who helps us understand what it means to have a Fursona, explains Rule 34 of the internet (GASP!),...

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A Hug for a Nug — The History of Marijuana/Pot/Weed in America

Which one is more addictive -- alcohol or weed? Is smoking pot detrimental to your respiratory system? Is there such a thing as a violent pothead? Will Sarah exchange...

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*Mature Content* – A Gay Man Comes Out to the Mormon Church

Join Diana and Sarah as they briefly discuss Big Brother and cyber-security, then jump into a riveting interview with a gay ex-Mormon. Nate tells us what happened when he...

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Social Media, Facebook and The Fear of Missing Out

Social Media and The Fear of Missing Out – Think you know a lot about social media? Why was Donald Trump’s Twitter account briefly suspended? What is Finstagram? Join Sarah...

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Drag Queens (and Kings) — an Interview with Mani Queen

What does it take to be a Drag Queen? It means “beating” your face, being “fishy” and wearing layers upon layers of pantyhose. Join us for an interview with...

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Military Life — Army vs Navy

An officer and an enlisted man walk into a bar…. Join a retired Naval officer and a former enlisted man as they compare their military work experiences. If you...

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Burning Man

Don’t be a Sparkle Pony! Diana and Sarah explore a temporary city of radical self-expression erected in NW Nevada for one week a year.  A barter system, costumes, and...

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Exploring Vegetarian and Pescatarian Lifestyles

Does the smell coming from a fast-food joint make you want to hurl? Join Diana and Sarah as they explore what to some is the obnoxious choice to be...

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